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Business process analysis for J&T Services

The need for a business analysis arose from the IdM project, where a gap was identified in the knowledge of the description of J&T Bank’s processes, and the current architecture and further strengthened by the needs of the solution (the objectives of the IdM project).

Creation of Access Control Policy and Management of Accounts, Groups and Devices in AD for ČÚZK

For our customer ČÚZK we have created a new Policy for access control and management of accounts, groups, and devices in Active Directory. ČÚZK is preparing for the future implementation of IdM and is currently actively working on improving existing processes to make the transition to IdM as easy and painless as possible for the department.

Analysis of environment of Česká pojišt’ovna for the purpose of IdM deployment

The aim of the project was to analyze the environment of Generali Česká pojišt’ovna in order to deploy an IdM solution.