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Cybersecurity validation using Pentera for Seznam

Software platform Pentera represents an integration of three product categories, namely penetration testing, vulnerability management and mitigation management. It is not a simulation, but a real comprehensive security validation, without the use of agents on endpoint devices. Gartner has created a new category for this product, namely ASV (Automated Security Validation).

Endpoint management and security SyxSense for

SyxSense endpoint management and security solutions through real-time monitoring, detection and intelligent automation of vulnerabilities for IT management, patch management and remediation in a single console, including vendor support. The unified SyxSense solution includes Full Visibility, Cloud and Patch Management.

Deployment and development of the SailPoint IdM solution for Avast

Reimplementation project aimed at replacing the open-source midPoint tool with an on-premises SailPoint solution. More than 2,500 accounts and dozens of roles are managed in the Avast environment.

Replacement of IdM Waveset for open-source midPoint for Vodafone Czech

The aim of the project was to replace the Identity Management tool Oracle Waveset (formerly Sun Identity management) in Vodafone Czech a.s. IdM Oracle Waveset was no longer supported by the manufacturer and therefore it was necessary to replace it with a new open-source IdM solution Evolveum midPoint.

Deployment and development of the MidPoint IdM solution for Avast

Deployment and management of open-source IdM solution midPoint. More than 2,500 accounts and dozens of roles are managed in the Avast environment.

Internet presentations and applications for HELIA TRADE and K3 Sport

For HELIA TRADE and K3 Sport, we have prepared a set of web presentations and applications to support their interconnected business activities - the operation of Helia Sport sports equipment stores, the operation of an e-shop and, last but not least, the operation of the newly built Kouty ski resort. The cooperation started in 2010, when we started building the first website, and continues with the continuous development and support of the delivered solutions to this day.