Identity Management

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Identity Management

Identity Management

Managing the user lifecycle, controlling access to information systems, improving security, and streamlining some critical business processes.

Why IdM?

Managing the lifecycle of users, roles and permissions is a key area that enhances security, automates, and accelerates certain processes and helps prepare for audits or other controls by managing the lifecycle of identities (information system users) and centralizing authorization management.

IdM provides a central overview of the permissions granted in information systems, improves security, and provides easily accessible evidence for auditing (who, when, on what basis was the permission granted).

Contributions of IdM

Authorization automation – speeding up processes and reducing errors in authorization assignment

Uniformity of user rights and roles

Risk minimisation

Compliance with legislative or normative requirements (GDPR support, ZoKB, CNB regulations, etc.)

Complete logging and reporting – basis for audit

Improvement of access and services

Approval workflow

User self-service (role requests, password change/reset)

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