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SkyIdentity Cloud IdM is a fully-fledged tool to manage users, their authorizations, and their roles. This identity manager (IdM) is provided entirely as a service. It combines the advantages of an advanced IdM with those of cloud software services (SaaS).

SkyIdentitySkyIdentity administers the complete user life cycle for companies, without customers needing to worry about HW or invest into implementation. The core of the solution is Evolveum’s midPoint open source IdM, and everything runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

How it works

Identity management is the area of managing user accounts within information systems. It is now enhanced by the possibility to manage both systems within organisations (so-called on-premise or on-site systems) and those on the internet (in the cloud, SaaS) at the same time. The objective is to be able to manage accounts securely in all of these systems from a single location.

The heart of this identity management solution beats in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Not only does this tool supply its own user interface for administration and working with the system, it also manages such cloud services as Office 365 and Google Apps.

An extension to the solution is run at the customer’s premises, where it communicates with local systems and serves as the gateway to the cloud. The two parts are securely connected by means of an encrypted virtual private network.

Main advantages

  • Significant savings in acquiring and operating an IdM
  • Enables implementing an IdM solution also at smaller companies (from ca 100 users)
  • Fully-fledged IdM including business functions and self-service for users (approval workflows, limited-duration roles, the option to change passwords for all systems at once, etc.)
  • Connects local (so-called on-premise) information systems with those in the cloud (Office365,, etc.)
  • Secure data storage
  • No worries in running the solution, as everything is virtualized in Microsoft Azure
  • Always using the most up-to-date version of SW
  • 24/7 availability with 99.9% uptime per SLA
  • Provided entirely as a service, charging only for what is used

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