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AMI Praha Reference Development of the customer portal of Pražská plynárenská

Development of the customer portal of Pražská plynárenská

Pražská plynárenská

Due to the publication of the new “Special Terms and Conditions” (hereinafter referred to as “STC”), which apply to the Customer Portal of Pražská plynárenská, a. s. (hereinafter referred to as “PP”), it is necessary to distinguish between two types of customers – existing and new ones – with effect from 1 November 2014. In accordance with the new T&C, the existing customer is obliged to sign the “Portal Agreement” and agree to the T&C. The current state of the portal is no longer satisfactory even from the point of view of the current internet user on the offered “Self Care” options.

Project goal

The aim of the project is to design and implement improvements to the Customer Portal of Pražská plynárenská so that
comply with the current legislation and business conditions issued by PP and at the same time provide PP clients with added value in the form of new “Self Care” functionalities and more comfortable
user experience:

  • Placement of the mandatory consent to the PDO in the registration form
  • Easier navigation on the portal
    Improved ergonomics of the portal
  • Increased customer awareness
  • Enhancement of the data disclosed on contractual accounts
  • Easy submission of requests
  • Clear information on the status of requests

Project description

The project to develop a portal solution included the extension of processes that can be entered electronically from the comfort of home. The portal simplifies communication for customers and employees of Pražská plynárenská. Everything is now more intuitive, which has enabled the addition of another commodity that can be serviced in the portal. It is now possible to service both gas and electricity.

The main part of the development involved simplifying the editing of data, which the client can do directly in one interactive fomular, and there is no need to go through many separate forms, as was previously the case.

The search has been optimised to display more relevant results so that the client can navigate more easily.

The development of the portal also included:

  • Simplification of data editing
  • Adding more information to the status of requests
  • Option to choose electronic invoicing
  • Search optimization

Solution description

The customer portal was implemented on the open source portal Liferay and the application server JBoss of the Java EE platform.

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