Identity & Role Management

What is the meaning of the term Identity & Role Management?

Do you need to ensure the protection of personal data and sensitive information and build safe control of access to applications? Is your company subject to security audits and do you need to ensure compliance with the requirements of safety standards in the field of assignment of access to information systems? 

The solution which resolves all these problems in a comprehensive way is called Identity Management. It provides minimization of risks, enhancement of access and services and a significant cost reduction. By the term “identity” we mean a user account within an information system. This account can be assigned to an employee, an external co-worker or a customer, but it can also be a system account. In the heterogeneous environment of IT, management of these accounts requires significant costs and amounts of time. When operated manually, it can also bring security risks when creating, changing or deleting user accounts.

User management also brings the problem of user rights and roles. By the term “role” we mean a set of user rights which can be assigned either to a work position within the organizational structure or to activities carried out within a process or project. A role represents a fixed collection of access rights to individual systems. The role becomes an important control point which needs to be managed within an enterprise during all the stages of its life cycle, just like identities.

What are the benefits of User, Role and Right Management?

The solution of User, Role and Right Management has two basic levels: methodical and technical. Within the methodical part, it is necessary to design processes and provisions for user management to be followed in your company. Within the technical part, SW tools for the support of proposed methods and implied processes need to be implemented.

Advantages of User, Role and Right Management

  • It is an advanced method of personal and sensitive data protection
  • It ensures control of access to applications
  • It allows efficient control of the life cycles of identities within the organization
  • It reduces costs of manual administration of users, roles and rights
  • It contributes to the fulfilment of requirements of security audits in the field of assignment of access to information systems

Why User, Role and Right Management by AMI Praha?

We can carry out an analysis and prepare methodical instructions for the management of users and their rights for you. Based on your needs, we will design and implement the appropriate tools for Identity and Role Management. Our work is based on several years of experience in the deployment of systems for User, Role and Right Management, which we have gained when implementing projects for leading Czech companies and institutions. AMI Praha’s solution to this problem is always designed individually with regard to the needs and possibilities of the client. Our intention is to create an efficient and comprehensive solution which will help our client achieve his goals.

The diagram shows two cyclical processes from Identity Management: the identity life cycle management defines what is accessible for the user, while the identity audit verifies what is actually accessible for them.

Products and solutions

  • IdentityMinder
  • CA GovernanceMinder
  • NETIQ Identity Manager
  • Evolveum midPoint
  • Oracle Waveset
  • Oracle Identity Manager
  • Oracle Role Manager
  • Microsoft Forefront Identity MAnager
  • PING Identity
  • SailPoint
  • Individual solutions

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