Data Loss Prevention

Practically every company holds sensitive data, i.e. secret information and their leakage to competitors or to the public could endanger business activities of a company. These include contracts, upcoming offers, customer lists, personal information of clients, information protected by law, etc.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) systems are designed to data control, detect potential data leakage and to setup how to work with data. In these systems rules for sensitive data are defined ( e.g., the selected folder is secret) and they are under special restrictions (not everyone has the right to see, print or forward the data). There could be lot of selected rules and conditions for finding sensitive data. Some systems can also work directly with the content of documents. They compare the degree of conformity of classified documents with a controlled document.

Advantages of Data Loss Prevention

  • Sensitive data leakage prevention
  • Flow monitoring of sensitive data
  • Possibility of monitoring and active intervention (e.g. blocking , encryption, ... )
  • Education of users , how to deal with sensitive data
  • Prevention before data leakage - employees know they are being watched

Products and solutions

  • Safetica
  • Symantec
  • Novell
  • Websense


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