O2 e-Shop

O2 e-Shop

The e Shop allows customers to purchase products from O2 and its partners’ selection of products.


The e‑Shop is the central application of the website. It allows customers to purchase products from O2 and its partners’ selection of products, such as phones, tariff and pre-paid SIM cards (with the possibility of transferring or selecting a phone number), vouchers, product packages, etc.

In 2010, the e‑Shop was integrated into the ePortal (Liferay).


The core of the e‑Shop application is formed by the product catalogue and shopping cart. Customers can register here; they are divided into two groups, individuals and companies, influencing the purchase workflow.

The e‑Shop is connected to the Console, which allows editing of the product catalogue, processing orders, etc.

The e‑Shop is integrated into the following information systems and services:

ePortal Proxy Portlet

  • The e‑Shop application is integrated into the ePortal solution with the use of a Proxy portlet. The ePortal transforms and displays the e‑Shop content.

Pick Up Number (PUN)

  • This allows customers to book a phone number for use with a new tariff SIM card. The system is accessible through WS‑SOAP.

Siebel CRM

  • This collects orders from the e‑Shop. It utilizes the Siebel Web Services, sending them through SOAP.

IRD Catalogue Import, IRD Order Reservation

  • This allows the sale of partners’ IRD products within the e‑Shop.

ePortal Single Sign On (SSO)

  • Service allowing user identification (registration, login).

The e‑Shop application is built into the PHP platform and integrated into the ePortal (Liferay).


  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • PHP

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