Service – support of IDM and AM

Service – support of IDM and AM

Support of the actual implementation of Sun Identity Manager and Sun Access Manager


The purpose of the support is to ensure trouble‑free operation of the Sun Identity Manager application. This includes:

  • Automatic processes
  • Administrators' interventions
  • Small operational adjustments
  • Methodical consulting
  • Repairs in the event of failures

Beside IDM, Single Sign‑On is supported by using either the Sun Access Manager application or Kerberos. The aim is to ensure support of the functionality and the repair of failures for the following systems:

  • SUN Identity Manager (SUN Access Manager)
  • CA Service Desk (kerberos)
  • SAP ITS (kerberos)
  • SAP GUI (kerberos)
  • SAP portal (kerberos)

Last but not least, the support includes compatibility tests of OS and web browsers for SSO and the upgrading of connected end systems for IDM.

The support is ensured 24/7 with a guaranteed response time of 2 hours.

During working hours, the customer can contact a service manager or, in some exceptional cases, a specialist directly.

Outside working hours, the customer can use the telephone hotline, where the operator assesses the requirement and, in the event of a serious breakdown, hands over the requirement to a specialist for it to be resolved.

All this is internally supported by in‑house helpdesk, where all requests are registered.


  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Linux
  • MySQL

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