Web presentations and applications

What are web presentations and applications?

Do you need to acquire new customers, address new markets, build up the loyalty of your existing clients or simply promote your new product? Do you wish to learn as much as possible about your customers and be able to communicate with them independently of time and space? Do you want to be distinguished from the competition, build up awareness of your brand and improve the image of your company?
This can be achieved by web presentations and applications, which form an integral part of marketing communication and can serve as an image communication channel, e‑commerce tool or information channel. Thanks to their interactive features, they can intermediate feedback and help collect valuable data on customers.
Most often we encounter commercial websites, whose purpose is to support sales, sell goods or services directly and inform the general public. Web presentations of state and non‑commercial institutions are mostly focused on providing information or on‑line services. However, a website can also be created with the sole aim of enhancing the image of a brand, company or institution. Other types of websites include presentations of individual events, personal pages, so‑called micropages (serving mainly for the promotion of temporary events or individual products or services) and news websites or portals providing a broad range of services.
An internet presentation is a complex of web pages whose creation consists of several steps necessary for the maximization of the output quality. A web application in software engineering is an application provided to users from a web server through the Internet or Intranet.

Process of creation of web presentation:

  1. Collection of client’s requirements
  2. Creation of structure
  3. Creation of architecture (wireframes, eventually functional HTML prototype, depending on the scope and complexity of the project)
  4. Creation of functional specification
  5. Graphic design
  6. XHTML, CSS, Javascript (framework jQuery) templates
  7. Implementation of templates (e.g. to CMS)

What are the benefits of web presentations and applications?

There are several reasons for promoting yourselves on the Internet. Web presentations serve for informing the general public or the company’s customers, addressing the right people, catching attention and approaching others. However, this is not all, by far. A website as a medium allows direct sale without the need to build a bricks-and-mortar store. If your applications for on‑line trading and accompanying marketing activities are properly arranged, you can address a significant number of users with your offer, regardless of any opening hours or location. The entire process, including payment, withdrawal from stock and sending the shipping instructions, can be carried out automatically without the utilization of an expensive work force. And there are many more ways of using a website


Advantages of web presentations and applications:

  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Sale and promotion of goods and services
  • Building loyalty
  • Unlimited communication
  • Current and up‑to‑date information
  • Feedback
  • Provision of on‑line services
  • Support of brand image and awareness
  • Interactive exchange of information

Why AMI Praha’s web presentations and applications?

AMI Praha provides comprehensive services to the client during the design, creation, administration and development of his internet presentation. In our work we are inspired by the latest knowledge within the industry; we create advanced internet presentations and applications which meet the expectations of our customers, observe commonly respected standards and meet the goals set in advance. For our clients, we prepare:

  • Corporate presentations
  • Products websites
  • Micropages
  • Community portals
  • On‑line product catalogues
  • E‑shops, ordering systems
  • Information and news portals

Availability of information to all users

Our websites meet the strictest criteria. They can be used by users with disabled images, javascript or styles and can also be displayed on mobile devices without any problems. Handicapped users are not limited in any way. We create websites in such a way that they are really available to all people. Our work is based on the worldwide‑recognized WCAG 1.0 standard; we observe the accessibility rules for the Czech Republic (required by law for state institutions).

High visibility in search engines

Thanks to our experience and the way we create websites, our presentations are always available and correct in terms of semantics and their content is appropriately structured. They are created with regard to search engines from the very beginning (SEO onpage factors). However, the level and stability of positions in search engines is a continuous process (due to the development of algorithms and competition); we will gladly collaborate on the website’s continuous improvement after finishing it.

Every website is based on an objective

Every website should have its objective to be achieved, which is determined in advance. Examples could include an increase of sales in an e‑shop or the number of downloads of a specific software product. We can analyze and measure the effectiveness and success rate of your website; we can give you advice, even if you already have a website and you need to optimize it.
Based on data from metric systems (for example, Google Analytics) or A/B tests, we will recommend you the best options for the development of the website based on solid statistical figures.

Continuous development

The creation of a web presentation or application is a process which needs continuously developing and optimizing. We will gladly help you with the optimization of the website after it is put into operation. We can offer you the following services:

  • Service and administration of the website
  • Analyses of statistics
  • Heatmaps
  • A/B and MVT tests (Google Website Optimizer)
  • Internet marketing (PPC, communication via social networks, advertising campaigns, etc.)
  • Optimization for search engines (SEO)
  • User tests


Are you looking for a product which will help you get rid of your dependence on the IT department or your web presentation supplier? Are you tired of delegating simple tasks and would you like to manage your website on your own? Then Amigo CMSis here for you; with this system, you can manage the content or structure of your website on your own in a quick and easy way.

Why purchase a publication system?

  • Significant financial savings on updates; you only need to contact the web administrator in the event of complex and extensive adjustments
  • Possibility of immediate change of content – with Amigo Air, you edit any of the content of your website directly in the presentation
  • Intuitive work – instructional icons and tips will guide you quickly and easily
  • Easy extension of website – you can add new pages, news and products to your e‑shop
  • Support of multiple users – every user can have permissions for specific modules only
  • Separation of competence for website administration – one worker edits the text, another approves the changes and yet another can publish the page on‑line
  • Versioning of page content – you can return to earlier versions quickly and easily


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