Tailored solution

What is a tailored solution?

In today’s world, one of the key factors for success is the efficient use of technologies which help organizations fulfil their objectives. Many business and institution management fields are already addressed within standard software products, which are intended for frequently repeated agenda. In some cases, however, it is necessary to find a solution which precisely meets the specific requirements implied by specific non-standard needs, whose support by IT resources is not ensured within the SW products available on the market in an efficient way.

What are the benefits of a tailored solution?

A tailored solution can cover any field that commonly sold software does not address, or addresses insufficiently, or whose customization would be too expensive and uneconomic. A tailored system can precisely address the needs of a given agenda; moreover, it can also provide users, business partners and customers with a tool for the more efficient processing of requests and assigned tasks. For all this, comfortable work is ensured in a tailored user environment which can exactly meet the needs of users. As a matter of course, the solution is connected to the existing systems of a given organization in such a way that cooperation with them is as efficient as possible.
A tailored solution is based on a thorough understanding of the needs of the agenda in question, business process and industry. Based on the analysis of needs, further possible uses and the possible future expansion of the designed solution are identified. This is followed by a selection of the latest technologies built on open‑source standards and architecture, which will ensure efficient development and a high-quality solution and open possibilities of further expansion.

Advantages of a tailored solution

  • Efficient IT support of non-standard tasks within business processes
  • It precisely covers the needs of a given field
  • Customization of user environment to the specific needs of users
  • Cost reduction when compared to deployment and customization of commonly offered software
  • Use of advanced technologies, which allow further expansion
  • Efficient connection to existing systems within the organization

Why AMI Praha’s tailored solution?

We can carry out a detailed analysis of your requirements, which will form a solid background for the decision on the method for addressing a given area. Then we are ready to prepare a design of the tailored solution built based on your requirements, select the most appropriate technologies for the given problem and environment, build the tailored solution and link it to your existing systems. Our work is based on several years of experience gained from the implementation of tailored solutions for leading Czech companies and institutions. AMI Praha’s tailored solution is always designed individually with regard to the efficient fulfilment of our client’s goals.

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