Single Sign-On - SSO

What is the meaning of the term “Single Sign‑On System – SSO?”

Are your employees flooded with copious amounts of user names and passwords and does this limit their work effort? Or have they resigned themselves to writing down their passwords on stickers around their PC, thereby reducing safety to the minimum level? Such problems can be resolved by the deployment of a Single Sign‑On System – SSO, which provides enhanced safety, a reduction in the time needed for the repeated entry of passwords and, last but not least, a reduction in the costs of administration and support for users when they lose their login data. The SSO solution is suitable for small as well as large companies which want to provide their employees with some user comfort, reduce costs and, at the same time, ensure safe manipulation of login data leading to sensitive data in information systems.

What are the benefits of the Single Sign‑On System?

SSO allows users to perform a single login to access information sources from multiple systems without requirements for repeated logins. After the user first logs in, other systems recognize him and he is automatically logged in without the need for the entry of other passwords.

Advantages of the Single Sign‑On System

  • Significant time savings thanks to the absence of multiple user logins per day
  • Enhanced safety when handling login data
  • Reduction of costs of IT support by means of the reduction of user requests (lost password, etc.)

Why AMI Praha’s Single Sign‑On System?

Based on your needs, we will design and implement appropriate tools for the Single Sign‑On System. Our work is based on long experience in the deployment of SSO within stand-alone as well as extensive projects for the implementation of Portals or User, Role and Right Management systems. AMI Praha’s solution to this problem is always designed individually with regard to the needs and possibilities of the client. 

Products and solution

  • Liferay
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • ForgeRock
  • OpenAM
  • Oracle OpenSSO

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