Security of electronic Documents

What is the meaning of the term Security of Electronic Documents?

Do you create contracts that unauthorized persons must not see? Do you need to control sensitive documents and manage their administration? Are you uncomfortable with the fact that your employees carry sensitive documents on USB drives with their keys? Do you know how to prevent the printing of sensitive information, even outside your company’s offices?

The electronization of our society brings increasingly higher demands for the safety of electronic documents. Sensitive information out of control often circulates in companies and it is just a matter of time before it comes into unauthorized hands. Information is of tremendous value today and it is time to start handling it adequately.

What are the benefits of Security of Electronic Documents?

Invoices, orders, offers, contracts, budgets, personal information of employees - these are just some of the documents which belong to the category of sensitive documents. Their protection is resolved on two levels:

  1. Process level – by directives or orders which define work with documents
  2. System level – by deployment of a system for the protection of electronic documents

The process protection works well but is never 100% reliable. Moreover, this protection, when applied separately, has its limits, which can (for example in the event of failure of the human factor) result in a total malfunction of data and information security.

The system protection provides the security of data and information with advanced automatic features allowing high level document protection in a coherent and efficient way.

Security of electronic documents provides not only the possibility of securing data and information currently included in documents stored in the organization’s internal information systems. Sophisticated tools also allow securing documents stored on a hard drive of a laptop (or some other mobile device) or a portable drive of any format, including outside the organization’s premises. An efficient system for Security of Electronic Documents can prevent printing, copying the contents to the clipboard and print screening the document. All the above can be fully automated, when connected to the directory service of identity management, which defines who is permitted to which tasks with which documents.

With the deployment of the system for Security of Electronic Documents, you do not have any more problems with access to or possession of electronic documents by former employees or with loss or theft of laptops and flash drives.

Advantages of Security of Electronic Documents

The basic benefit of securing sensitive, confidential or secret business or technical information needs no emphasizing. Loss of such data or, even worse, its transfer to unauthorized hands can have fatal consequences.

The essential advantages of a system solution of security of electronic documents include:

  • Reliability
  • High security level
  • Complexity
  • Simplicity and schematic structure
  • Traceability

Why AMI Praha’s Security of Electronic Documents?

We can carry out an analysis and prepare methodical instructions for Security of Electronic Documents for you. We are partners of companies supplying leading products in this area - Oracle and Adobe Systems. Based on your needs, we will design and implement appropriate tools for Security of Electronic Documents. Our work is based on several years of experience in the field of information technologies which we have gained when implementing projects for leading Czech companies and institutions. AMI Praha’s solution of this problem is always designed individually with regard to the needs and possibilities of the client. Our intention is to create an efficient and comprehensive solution that will help our client achieve their goals.

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  • Indidvidual solutions

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