Communication and data sharing

What is the meaning of the term “Communication and data sharing?”

Do you work with multiple information systems concurrently and forget what you wanted to do due to all the login data? Would you like to have all the necessary data available in one location and arranged according to your needs? Do you spend considerable resources on communication with employees, business partners or a large number of clients? Are your branch offices and contact centres crowded with customers?

A complex solution to the above problems may be a portal solution, which saves time and money, makes administration more efficient, allows the maintaining and sharing of know‑how and reduces risks related to information flows.

By a portal solution we mean an application which integrates information from various sources and provides the user with comprehensively structured content which they can customize as needed.

Unified access (single sign‑on or SSO) allows access to all the applications using a single user authentication, thereby speeding up and facilitating the work in the system. The system administrators have tools to permit or restrict access to specific content for individual users. Comprehensive viewing of data allows the competent employees to respond and make decisions promptly.

What are the benefits of Communication and data sharing?

The in‑house portal or the Intranet provides employees with all the necessary information which is mutually linked in one place, thereby increasing effectiveness of their work. The employees can quickly and easily navigate through all the standards and directives they have to follow, current events within the company and benefits offered by their employer. However, the Intranet not only provides the information; it can also be a tool for processing common agenda such as holiday requests and conference room reservations, or for expressing one’s opinion on current events by means of a questionnaire.

The tool intended for secured communication with business partners, suppliers or dealers is the Extranet, which provides the necessary information which is not intended for direct publishing on the company’s website (detail technical parameters of products, marketing materials, etc.). In this way the Extranet significantly contributes to an improvement in the supplier‑customer relationship and saves both time and resources, which are otherwise utilized for common and uneconomical means of communication with partners using paper letters, etc.

The active administration of customer accounts and efficient communication with a large number of clients is ensured by means of the Customer Portal, which contributes, among other advantages, to a better perception of the company by its clients. They can change their contractual and contact data or set their payment conditions in accordance with their current needs without a personal visit to a contact centre, in a comfortable way and in one place, which results in significant time and cost savings. The portal is also a gateway to information about accounts and invoices, an entrance to the company’s benefit program and a tool for on‑line claims.

Advantages of the solution of Communication and data sharing

  • Time and cost savings
  • Up‑to‑date information in a single place
  • Easy searching
  • Elimination of printed registers
  • Support of good management
  • Automation of activities
  • Standardization of operations
  • Active communication
  • Know‑how sharing
  • Information security
  • Easy and quick data exchange
  • Transparent workflow

Why AMI Praha’s solution of Communication and data sharing?

We analyze our customers’ needs and design efficient, comprehensive and customized portal solutions, tailored to the goals and possibilities of our customers. Our work is based on several years of experience in the development or portals for large as well as smaller companies and institutions and we create efficient solutions built on open‑source as well as enterprise products.

Products and solutions

  • Liferay
  • Microsoft SharePoint


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