Analyses, studies and audits

Apart from the development or deployment of specific systems, the area of IT often requires the drawing up of an analysis or study of the problem being resolved. Outputs from such analyses usually serve as background for various strategic decisions or selection procedures or as (part of) tender documentation for suppliers of information systems or solutions. Examples include feasibility studies, impact analyses, case studies and others. If the subject is evaluation of a situation or compliance with some conditions, we can call it an audit.

The subject of an analysis can be, for example, the business processes of an organization, its requirements and needs in a certain area, the covering of processes, requirements and actual needs by currently used systems, information and data flows within the organization in general or in its systems, redundancy and duplicity of data, the system of roles and rights used in the organization, etc.

The analysis may also include a logical or rough technical proposal of one or multiple solutions to a given problem and their various options, prerequisites and consequences.

When we refer to analyses, we cannot omit analysis as a part of the life cycle of the project, whose output is the logical design of a specific system. This type of analysis may also be, and should be in some cases, carried out separately in cooperation with a supplier other than the supplier of follow‑up implementation.

AMI Praha can offer experts with experience in various areas of enterprise management related to the design and architecture of information systems. We are ready to help you approach this problem properly and find an appropriate IT solution which will support the function of business processes as well as the company or institution as a whole in an efficient way.

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