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Are you looking for a product which will help you get rid of your dependence on the IT department or your web presentation supplier? Are you tired of delegating simple tasks and would you like to manage your website on your own? Then Amigo CMS is here for you; with this system, you can manage the content or structure of your website on your own in a quick and easy way.

Why purchase a publication system?

  • Significant financial savings on updates; you only need to contact the web administrator in the event of complex and extensive adjustments
  • Possibility of immediate change of content – with Amigo Air, you edit any of the content of your website directly in the presentation
  • Intuitive work – instructional icons and tips will guide you quickly and easily
  • Easy extension of website – you can add new pages, news and products to your e‑shop
  • Support of multiple users – every user can have permissions for specific modules only
  • Separation of competence for website administration – one worker edits the text, another approves the changes and yet another can publish the page on‑line
  • Versioning of page content – you can return to earlier versions quickly and easily

Amigo CMS

The Amigo CMS publication system allows really quick and simple administration of website content. On most websites, it is the content which is changed most often, e.g. news, products, documents for downloads and pictures. With Amigo CMS you will manage to make these changes just as easily as when you edit a document in a text editor (such as Microsoft Word). Moreover, you can simply add various interactive or classic document formats (flash, pictures, video, .doc, .mp3, .xls, etc.).

Why Amigo CMS?

Amigo CMS is a brand new product and therefore it utilizes the latest technologies in the field of website programming. The administration of web content is quick and intuitive. The content is edited directly in a web display so that you can immediately see what the changed page looks like. The architecture of the system allows the CMS system to be extended with any module required by the customer. Moreover, formatting of the inserted content, if handled properly (according to instructions), fulfils the conditions of quality optimization for search engines.

Unique features of Amigo CMS

Amigo Air is a unique way of editing web content directly in a real display. The user can see the page just as it will look like in real operation and has the possibility of editing it directly. After saving the changes, the user can immediately see what the page would look like after the new change. You can easily switch the content versions by clicking or using the arrow buttons (older version, newer version). Content versions can also be compared to each other.

Amigo Flow is an advanced system for the publication and authorization of changes in web presentations. You can establish access to individual sections and permissions for making changes in the web presentation for users of the system exactly in accordance with your company’s needs. For example, one employee may only write texts for news and send them to his superior for approval; another employee may be responsible for products which he can publish without further approval.

Modularity of Amigo CMS

The Amigo CMS publication system is a modular system. This means that, besides the elementary package containing all the components necessary for the administration of a common website (WYSIWYG editor, a system for the administration of the structure, a simple photo gallery etc.), other non‑standard modules can also be ordered. Thus you can easily customize Amigo CMS in accordance with the requirements of the specific presentation, with different requirements for functionality.

Most popular modules:

  • Structure administration
  • Content management
  • File and picture management
  • CMS users administration
  • Management of language versions
  • Administration of news
  • E-shop
  • Photo gallery
  • Fulltext search function
  • Newsletter

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