Quality & Security

AMI Praha has a quality management system certified in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and an information security management system in accordance with ČNS ISO/IEC 27001:2014. The high qualitative level of the internal management guarantees our clients the trouble‑free progress of entrusted projects and the minimization of security risks.


The quality management of projects allows us to avoid undesirable situations during projects and to benefit from the experience gained. Tomáš Faško, our Executive Director, explains the importance of this point: "A well‑managed project is a win‑win scenario. It makes the client sure of the fulfilment of his requirements. AMI Praha always allows the effective implementation of projects."


The company’s security policy not only imposes demanding requirements on the quality level of our own IT services but also obliges us to require the same standards from our suppliers. "By means of the information security management we guarantee that we care for our client’s data, just as we care for our own data," adds Kamil Douděra, the Managing Director.

IT Services

The provision of high-quality IT services is a matter of course for us. To ensure this, we establish clear SLAs with our clients and also require them from our suppliers. "By means of the precise measurement of the fulfilment of the SLA and the implementation of the ITIL best practices, we have created conditions for the improvement of services for us as well as for our customers," explains Tomáš Čihák, the Service Director.


Prevention and improvement have a secured role within the company's management system.

  • Our integrated management system is regularly verified by the independent certification authority.
  • We have semi‑annual in‑depth internal audits carried out by the independent auditing company.
  • We verify our IT services by means of our own regular internal audits.
  • Our employees are annually trained in adherence to rules and regulations.

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